Saturday, 28 March 2015

Qing Ming...(CHEM BENG)


So every year on the first day of the fifth solar term of the traditional Chinese lunisolar calender, my family USUALLY attends a celebration called Chem Beng in my hometown, Malacca :D

During this time we usually come early in the morning to pray to our ancestors(or in my case my grand-dad and grand-mother) and ask for their blessings...

After visiting my grandfather's part, we move on to my grandmother's graveyard... It's like super huge and the graveyard has like a gazillion graves, plus by then it's late morning and GOD DAMN HOT LIKE I MELT EVERY TIME ;____;

This year I wore my white "Young Wild & Free" tee. With an extra large sized plaid shirt :3
This is to protect my arms from getting sun burned as it does every freaking year :(

a poor large owl died ;_; the world is so cruel :'(

Roughly how it looks like after all the messy stuff has been cleared...

The "after" look ;') SUPP

Luckily we have a large tree shading us every year at my grandmum's grave :P

Sending all these gold and silver over to where she is (hopefully it arrives)

Offerings ^-^

View from behind the grave

and at the side

pop a quick cousin selfie ;)

#SOTD shoe of the day :'P

Burn baby burnnnnn

Being "anti-social" for a second :p

My favourite Arizona with grandmum's money :3

Burn it alllllll

Hands of STEEL

i made that bird origami ^^ and the flower is pweeeety

Spot more of my origami birds... I made like 30 :D

a lime green one and a purple designed one *shrugs*

Origami love watchesss for grandmum and granddad... In case any one of it spoils there's a spare :'P

my cousin makes a pretty circle with money


that's right, burn

ready to burn 'em alllll


ANOTHER selfie with the cousin :3

Pretty much what I looked like

This one I still don't know why we burned :"/

But none the less, BURN MOFO

ANYWAY so yeas pretty much that's it....


*ps I was updating this while listening to Hardwell so I'm in a hyper mood*

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Recently I had sat for a public examination and I finally received my results last week...
My results were, well it's safe to say I f*cked up really badly :(((
BUT what's the past is the past right? So I need to pull up my socks and get a move on :P

Instead of mourning and all ( which btw I did many times ) I am about to embark on a new journey.

!!!Say hello to a new student of Kolej Damansara Utama(KDU) Utropolis Glenmarie!!!

For the next one year, I will be studying Foundation in Business and hopefully I will do well, fingers crossed!!

Anyway, since I will be beginning my classes on the 16th of March 2015, I had gone for my first ever college Orientation (insert celebration icons) heheheh

So today was the first day and I SHOULD be attending the second day but I'm not too inclined to do so cause it'll be 80% sports games... NOT that I'm afraid or anything I just feel I should get my head in the game you know?


So basically after registering this morning itself I went straight for the Orientation and yeah received a briefing and what-nots...

The lecture theatre we were using fits around 120 students and about 3 full rows were empty, I wouldn't have enjoyed having more student than that but I guess it is quite little considering the fact that they put us all together and not just placed us into our respective schools.

Okay now this may be a sensitive thing but, I'm gonna say it anyway, hopefully whats-his-name is doesn't see this blog hahaha but if he does, I am not being sarcastic or anything and I am not being offending in any way hopefully....

So you know how the first thing you do after entering a place full of people you tend to scan the room and look at the people, well I was seated at the last row on the right side and this hero over here was pretty much smack in the middle.... Safe to say it is pretty damn hard to un-see him, and lol he definitely turns heads wherever he goes, I couldn't like think for a good 5 seconds cause my brain was like " Did we just see that? " 
ROFLMAO anyway, besides the common brown and slightly red hair colour... There was also a facilitator with stunning red hair colour.. Hero over here isn't a lone wolf when it comes to turning heads ehheheh...
OMFG I know him... Now I do at least, he's Owen.. And an heir to a magazine company too apparently :O GGWP lorr

And now I'm wondering if I should colour my hair rainbow ;)

During lunch break we were served a packed lunch ( I'd rather not talk about the food :/ )
AND there was a Career Job Fair going on.. There were more people but I guess when I wanted to take the picture there weren't that many people...

Annnnnnd then there's the self-explanatory selfie before entering the lecture theatre once more... ;P

For ice-breaking session, we had to group up and dress up our group representative in newspaper, cliche but nothing wrong... Oh notice the one on the right? He was dressed as an IS militant, with the entire full set of fake bombs, swords, and detonator... During his catwalk he threw his "bomb" into the audience which cracked the whole lot of us up. I mean come on hahah XD

Center bro, is the infamous KIM K... Lets just say he broke us during his catwalk, he exposed his "boobs" and then he even twerked... Against the wall too at that XD

Group photo =DDDDD
The winner was mister gwiyomi on the far right... with Kim K not far behind :PP

Militant impersonator did the cat walk, he threw the "bomb" a few seconds later

Seems our representatives don't really enjoy being in their outfits... They tore them to shreds the moment the signal was given :'( sobs

We then had a campus tour race... We ran like our life depended on it....
I didn't have time for selfies during our race... You know, running makes you forget to take pictures for memories, oh well, like they say, live in the moment and look up...

Oh and my group was group number 4, our group name : Kool-Kids
p.s. cool is too mainstream :)

13 members... 7 gals and 6 gents... Our oldest member was 22 years old and left before the campus race, so well my hand isn't long enough, and I only managed to get these few members of mine in the picture, and I was photobombed by another member who couldn't fit into the picture so his peace sign did him justice.

Did I mention I was elected leader of the group?? >_< I CAN'T EVEN
nevermind hahah

We had library tour before our photography session and what do you know?
There is a no food and drinks policy in the library except they have a cafe in the library :D
can we have a round of applause for 6 DEBE?

Real coffee, real people, reasonable pricing... I mean sure it isn't the cheapest, BUT for its quality, I think yeah it's worth the price...
IF you don't like the taste of the hot chocolate you could always ask for more sugar syrup or something, that's what I did :)

And the barista's aren't stuck up, they try their best to please their customers, everyone has their own personal taste for everything so maybe it's not suitable for you, but you can always improvise with the help of the friendly leng chai and leng luii barista's... pssst, can wash eye if tired of studying ( stalker mode : onzz )


So in the end, YES I did end up attending the second day :P

We played World-War-3....
My group represented JAPAN :3 teehee
Bottom down there is team Kung fu Panda representing CHINA :p





Seeing who is in and who is OUT!

We got the games going :D heheheheh

Sooo we had an alumni come speak to us, good talk honestly.. I like how "explicit" he is and how he danced for us... AWHHHH

NO, she did not hit his back, hahah

ANDD then we were separeated according to our own "School"... It was, definitely a new experience :)

First moment entering the auditorium kind of hall on the fourth floor... Full blast air-cond and everyone ready for dodgeball!!

Cheer time!

i selfie with my mass-com senior

FOUND HER! remember the red hair facilitator, yeah her name is Yeng :D and me got a selfie, weeeeeee

I have a great team, even if the team size keeps decreasing...

no fo real tho ;)